Project description

With deep satisfaction, we have completed the interior design project “Elegance C17”.
This project presents an overview of the harmonization of classic style with modern elements, creating an extraordinary environment that reveals elegance and refinement.
In the “Elegance C17” project, one of the main goals was to build an atmosphere that combined the depth and character of the classic elements with the brightness of the modern elements. To crystallize this vision, we have chosen to focus on the white color as a base, making it suitable for illuminating and opening spaces. The white color brings the feeling of purity and helps to attract light and experience space.
Another very important element of the design is the use of MDF material with dark structure and color. This material enabled us to create carefully crafted details that reinforce the classic style and give the essence of the elements.
The combination of elements made of dark textured MDF materials and modern white elements creates an attractive contrast that gives the space a sense of balance and a great atmosphere of elegance. Also, this contrast makes every detail stand out and make a deep impact.
The “Elegance C17” project is the result of the collaboration and dedication of a professional team, which has used knowledge and creativity to realize an interior design that, while harmonizing classic and modern, unfolds an aesthetic of different times in perfect harmony.