The project titled “Garage House” is a unique and innovative creation that aims to provide an exceptional living experience for short-term stays. This residence, known as the “gasonier”, is a perfect union of advanced design and carefully selected functionality.
The project has raised a new standard in terms of comfort and design with the use of quality and carefully selected materials. A distinctive element is the use of stone walls in the surrounding premises, which gives it a sense of solidity and unique character. This contrast between natural materials and modern elements helps to create an attractive atmosphere for residents.
“Garage House” is a special residence due to its positioning. With a cantilever position 120 meters above the sidewalk, the house becomes a combination of an amazing view of the countryside and a sense of peace that spreads from the nature that surrounds the building.
The careful design of the interior spaces ensures the optimal use of the spaces. Interior materials and furniture are selected with refined taste, including the use of bright colors to enhance the sense of space. The living and sleeping areas are suitable for the needs of the residents.
“Garage House” is a project that demonstrates our ability to transform a small and simple space into a special and pleasant living environment. This project constitutes a perfect attempt to match functionality, aesthetics and comfort in a single package, thus creating a unique experience for its residents.