How do I know history’ when you ruined it ?

I belong to a period that I find little to say about my decision, and for my country…
They used to say that, near the Grand Hotel, there was a Mosque.. some said that ‘it wasn’t just a mosque, there were also elements of the Church there’…! “They built the mosque, even the Catholics, because there was brotherhood and religious harmony they said”…! Well, I have no way of knowing this, because I don’t have facts, I don’t see, I can’t find genuine literature to learn and study about this element… because I need to study foreign literature to understand Architecture, through the study of foreign cultures.
“I destroy the than system, because there were claims of the development of the city, and for the sake of the silhouette, I wanted it to be destroyed”. But you miserable hour? For the sake of silhouette, did you destroy everything after the war?
For the sake of the silhouette, the ruins of the Fortified Tower?
For the sake of the silhouette, did you disguise the Renaissance?
For the sake of the masked silhouette, did you violate the Union Grand?
For the sake of the silhouette, did you burn Boro-Ramizi?
For the sake of the silhouette, did you desecrate Bozhuri?
For the sake of simplicity, do you reject modern constructions because our youth loves the heat and the eyes hurt when you see the concrete?
For the sake of which silhouette did you degrade the city?
For the sake of which silhouette did you try to destroy Gërmi and with it the destruction of the emotional connection with the citizen of Pristina?
For the sake of which silhouette, are you destroying history? Or maybe you understand the term Silhouette, you just saw that someone marked it like that, but you don’t know what?
You allowed the destruction of history… just as you allowed the destruction of a thousand-year-old civilization, and its documentation after the destruction would pass into mythology, and then this mythology is known as how it ends… as a fairy tale! History was destroyed by you, ‘Zap’, because the facts result in the preservation of a large part of history even during the occupation (regardless of the difficulties).
How did thousands of years old monuments such as the Pyramids in Egypt, Temples in India, China, Thailand withstand time? By changing them according to the system change? By changing the Urban silhouette? Changing religious beliefs? Calling on the motto “Destroy the old, build the new?”,… Well, it does not stand the test of time, destroying itself… It is a great luck, for the Albanians, and especially for the residents of Pristina, that despite the damage to large model neighborhoods, such as Dardania and Ulpiana, no new constructions were allowed. It is lucky that crime was not allowed there. It is very fortunate that the “Zaps” were not allowed to take command there. But, no matter how much I will resist the time, this will not give much relaxation, because such individuals defiled the Center…
“Europe is saying that you are behind in construction” – says Which Europe? When ? Where ? Didn’t he tell you that “If you built the concert hall instead of Germis, you will never enter Europe”? European countries such as France, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, etc. despite the ravages of wars, they preserved part of their identity… But you? What have you saved? You only guarded the foreign door so that the owner wouldn’t come to open it, and in that case he would probably open his own grave too, regardless of the fact that you might have children.
Granit Bytyqi – 05.05.2020