Project description

The “Mood Apartment” project brings a new freshness to the building and the feeling of indoor living in a touching space of 90m2 in the center of Pristina. This project has taken a journey of using style and atmosphere that goes beyond words, using colors and design elements that completely change the experience of living in apartments.
One of the key features of the design is the use of white color for the ceiling. This clean color and lighting choice makes the space feel more open and bright, evoking a feeling of freedom and ease.
The gray ceramic floor gives the natural feeling and suitable for the different environments of the apartment. This color is calm and goes well with the white color of the ceilings. It helps to create a calm and pleasant basis for furnishing and decorating the interior.
Anthracite color is mainly used for interior doors and some kitchen elements. This color provides an incredible contrast between the white of the ceiling and the gray texture of the floors, creating a modern and elegant feel.
The Mood Apartment Interior Project unfolds the interior design experience that involves much more than just arranging furniture and elements.