Project Description

The ORNA HOUSE house project is a unique architectural creation that has been successfully completed in Giza. This project is characterized by the elegance and brightness of a pure white color, unfolding a perfect harmony with the environment where it is built.
The house is located on a plot with a sufficient area, which has enabled the creation of a green inner courtyard. The inner courtyard has been carefully designed, including elements such as small green trees, relaxation areas with hand-embroidered chairs and a beautiful pavilion to enjoy the view. This space is well integrated with the structure of the house and gives it a sense of harmony.
One of the most remarkable features of ORNA HOUSE, is the work of concrete blocks that are used as ornaments throughout the structure of the house. These blocks, placed in a detailed and appropriate manner, create a unique look. They not only help to partially close the terraces, but also serve as light filters, creating a beautiful play of light and shadow inside the terraces during the day.
The white color of the house, combined with modern design elements and traditional details, creates a clean and perfect aesthetic. The use of quality materials and taste for details has made ORNA HOUSE not only a house, but a life experience.
This project is a golden example of how a sophisticated design can be combined with the functionality of the daily needs of the residents. ORNA HOUSE is a quiet place, a space where aesthetics, comfort and nature combine in an unforgettable harmony.