Project Description

Title: Urban Park – Rebirth of Space in the Center of Pristina
We are pleased to present to you our first project to build a new and modern park in the center of our beautiful capital. This project has been a long and dedicated journey, but today, with pride, we can announce that our park is open to citizens.
The project was built with the aim of restoring the public and natural space in the city center. Through diligent and collaborative work, we managed to address several key aspects of the project:
Fixing the problem of entering the car park:
One of the biggest challenges was managing the car traffic in the area where the park is located. Through the design of a usable parking system and the organization of parking lots and traffic, we have managed to reduce the pollution and impact of traffic on the park environment.
Greenery arrangement
Our mission was to create an oasis of calm and beauty amidst the constructions of the city. Through the construction of many green areas, various trees and flowers, we have brought nature closer to the citizens. Also, a sophisticated irrigation system has been prepared that ensures the maintenance and sustainable greenery of the park.
Arrangement of pedestrian walking paths
One of the most important points was the improvement of the extension walking paths for pedestrians and other visitors of the park. Through the construction of new paths, easily accessible roads, and perfect lighting along the paths, we have created a stable and safe environment for everyone.
We aimed to make a park where young people can have fun, families can relax and where citizens can spend quality time away from everyday stress. With detailed care for design, natural environment and perfect infrastructure, we are proud to have managed to build a special space where Pristina can feel pride and new flow of positive energy.
Our first park project is an example of community commitment, successful collaboration and the will to make our city a better place for everyone. We invite you to join us at the park’s official opening, where you can explore the beauty and improvements created through this major project.