Tina’s Jeverly

Project Description

We proudly present our project to succeed, Tina’s Jewelry. This project created with passion to bring elegance and style to the world of decor and jewelry. Our main aim was to create a special environment, which reflects the beauty and value of the exhibited items.
Colors are a part of our design identity. For Tina’s Jewelry, we have carefully chosen to use, light pink and black as the main color. Pink color brings a warm and romantic feeling, while black colors brings an elegant and mysterious feeling. This color palette has contributed to a pleasant and special environment for the function it has.
“Tina’s Jewelry” is an environment created to function as an afrism in the trade of decorations and jewelry which are related to our class and creativity.
The careful design and selected colors, has made it an great ambient for those who love to explore and buy beautiful products.
Tina’s Jewelry is an element that inspires elegance and opulence, making visitors feel inspired to explore and select their favorite items.