Project Description

Year: 2022
Location: Vuqak/Drenas
Architect: GizaArchitecture

Vuqaku Matrix viewpoint, is a conceptual project developed by Giza Architecture studio.
As a project, the Matrix viewpoint is a project of special importance for the Vuqaku castle.
The part in which will be intervened, is the highest point of communication with 3 castles: Vuqak Fortress, Vërbovc Fortress, and Llapushnik Fortress.
The matrix has functional and aesthetic elements in relation to the ruins of the old church and the castle, without creating visual competition.
Its realization is only one part of the intervention in the Vuqak fortress, which will have a quota of 938m above sea level, at the same time, the highest peak of the hill.
Other parts of the intervention remain the paths and ornament shops.
Photography by Albert Sinani