Project Description

The “Ylli GOLD” interior architectural project is a successful intervention in the design of the environment of a business space. The main goal was to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere using materials that represent nature and follow high quality standards.
Materials Used during this project were chosen to use materials that give a unique identity to the interior environment. On the walls of the different areas, we have integrated panels made of MDF with wood structure, treated with specialized techniques to adapt the tastes and colors used in each area. This solution has provided an overview of the high quality of our work and a sense of warmth and elegance for visitors and staff.
One of the main design elements of this project was the use of porcelain in some parts of the environment. This material has been chosen for its natural color and for its strength to withstand daily use. The use of porcelain in the areas of some shelves and the floor has created a fresh and bright effect, giving the environment a modern and sophisticated look.
After the completion of the project, we managed to create an outstanding environment suitable for the client’s requirements. The use of high quality materials has brought a sense of warmth and elegance that matches the client’s vision.
The combination of techniques with modern technology has enabled the realization of complex and precisely detailed design. The result is an environment that unfolds a harmonious coexistence between nature and technology, making it an unforgettable space to work.