1140 EVERE


The interior design of the 1140Evere house in Evere, Belgium, about 166m² is mainly based on minimalist style.
The spaces are utilized to the maximum, in the living room and kitchen as well as in the bedrooms.
As a project, 1140Evere is mainly based on the use of three basic materials, Wood, Ceramics and fabric.
Almost every element in the arrangement of the interior is based on these materials.
The combination of colors plays a key role in creating a friendly and pleasant environment.
The harmony of colors and their continuous use do not bring monotony, on the contrary, they bring harmony and pleasure.
The white color is used in all the ceilings of the apartment in order to increase the lighting and create an open environment.
The dark color of the inverter and the use of textured material is intentional, in which case each element will be highlighted as unique.
The lighting of the spaces is mainly created with magnetic lighting, with additional modules that enable its different orientation, giving the spaces a special emphasis. Products such as decor cabinets or tables have a special design, and are unique products only for this project.