Alive Building’ Concept

After three years of analysis, research and elaboration of the project, we managed to create the first concept of what we call the “Living Building” in our country.
In 2017, for the first time, we presented the idea of creating this concept, which can precede the solution of problems in high-rise buildings.
The project is part of hybrid buildings, with residential towers and downtown shopping mall. Towers can be numerous in number, while hotels as a function are not overlooked.
The project, as such, has provided the construction of duplex residential units with an area of nearly 180m2 each, with a gallery Living room, which will enable greater lighting of the apartment space. But the main element falls, on the movement of the apartment on automatic mechanisms with an correct algorithm, of tracking the sun’s rays, so that each apartment receives the necessary lighting.
In addition to achieving movement, each unit will have access from the center, from where we will experience the feeling of living in individual houses, with full privacy of the garden from close to 100m2.
The approach to regulating mechanisms has been simplified, with a approach from below, where achieving the objectives is relatively easy.
The development of the concept of “Living Construction” will advance in the coming months and years…