The blood line

Project Description

The memorial “the blood line” is a conceptual project developed by the studio Giza Architecture

The blood line, as a project, is divided into 3 phases of the journey, which simultaneously represents the 3 days of war in Prekaz (March 5, 6 and 7) The project is intentionally divided into 3 phases, with the aim of experiencing a 3-day conflict, describing the course of the fighting.

The first stage, the entrance to the memorial, the second part, the beginning of the destruction, (cuts placed by trigger) and the third part, the journey and the spiritual experience. Each phase has its own paved road in red, a symbol of shed blood, but the third and most important part is the creation of a (night landmark) which will be seen from all parts of the municipality of Skënderaj and beyond.

The use of symbolism in materials is based on two main phenomena, the difficult journey through stones with dimensions of 50-70cm each, and the use of metal rods, a symbol of resistance and strength. In total in its composition, the complex contains 174 bars (58 victims multiplied by the number of days of conflict).