Project Description

With pride and diligence, we have completed our special project “THE CUBE”, a true example of minimalism used in architecture. This project aims to express the concept of minimalism through the construction of an idea house, which is essentially a manifestation of simplicity and the use of minimal materials.
The created house is a structure deeply embedded in the essence of minimalism. The main focus is on clean shapes and lines, without excessive embellishments or unnecessary details. “THE CUBE” is not just a house, but a clear example of the mindset focused on the essence and function of an architectural object.
One of the main elements of the project is Indirect lighting. To create the feeling of space and the eclipse, we integrated a special top-down lighting. This lighting not only helps to improve the circulation of natural light, but at night it creates a magical atmosphere that appears through the tears of the cube.
The use of minimalist materials, such as concrete, becomes a symbol of the strength and elegance that comes from simplicity. The concrete structure is an integral part of the design and is an expression of sustainable and modern construction.
Through the design of this minimal cube, we have created an idea house that exceeds the usual limits of architecture. “THE CUBE” is a call to think outside the norm, create change and express beauty in simplicity. A work that does not end only with the structure, but that leaves a deep impact on the perception of architectural design.