The interior project

The interior project we have completed is a great example of harmonizing classic and modern style in a way that creates a sophisticated and attractive environment. This project combines the elements of tradition with innovation, creating a perfect combination that brings a new and special spirit to the interior space.
One of the main features of this project is the combination of classic style with decorative wall panels. The interior walls are enriched with special classical style elements that give the space an important and elegant feeling.
The ceiling designed in white reflects the light and helps in the space of the environment. The white color of the ceiling creates a clean base for all other design elements, while also enhancing the feeling of space and light.
In terms of furniture, we have chosen to use mostly walnut wood furniture, combining it with closed ash color. This choice of furniture gives a warm and comfortable feeling to the environment, while fitting well with the classic features of the project. The combination of walnut wood with ash color gives a soft and elegant effect.
Another aspect that stands out in the project is the use of modern technology for the organization of furniture and the use of spaces. Modern technology is discreetly integrated into the ambient design, including controllable lighting, intelligent light management and audio-visual systems.