Year 2021

Location: Undefined
Architect: Giza Architecture
m2 – 163
Conceptual S, represents a holiday villa in worries, mainly concentrated in the view from the sea.
The architectural design is created in such a way that the stay in the villa has the primary view of the sea.
The part away from the shore, in the form of a console, contains the primary functions of the villa, such as living room, kitchen, sleeping, while the rest remains for the auxiliary ones.
The roof of the villa is also usable with a height ladder of 45cm, suitable at any time to sit and enjoy the greenery behind the house.
The interior is manifested with free planimetry, with many possibilities of intervention in the arrangement of the interior. The walls are coastal white with no glare imposed.
The main and undoubtedly the most important part remains the realization of the uninterrupted form of constructive beams. Through them and the counterbalanced principle the realization of the villa remains a masterful part.