We proudly present our construction project, “JETA HOME”, a modern business building built with an area of nearly 1500m². This project, which has already been successfully completed, represents a work of architecture and innovation.
In an excellent environment of nearly 1500m², intended for business use, we enable a multiple and functional use of the space. The basement of the building, about 800m2 which is also a furniture factory, coincides with an approach of creativity and production. Here, high quality materials are carefully followed to produce furniture, relying on the latest technology and highly efficient production processes.
The ground and first floor of the building serve as a furniture showroom. With a stunning design and a perfect stage for product presentation, these two venues bring an extraordinary experience to visitors and customers. The spaces are skillfully organized, allowing each product to experience itself in a perfect, well-thought-out environment.
Our focus on detail, thoughtful design and high quality construction have made this construction work possible. “JETA HOME” is not only a business building, but a manifestation of successful, contemporary and visionary construction.
This project is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in the construction and design industry. Having successfully completed all stages of planning, design and realization, “JETA HOME” now becomes an integral part of the landscape of our city and a source of pride for all those who have participated in this wonderful journey.