Kampstraße 113

Project Description

We are proud to present our latest residential construction project in Iserlohn, Dortmund, a joint project of Giza Architecture studio and German architect Otto Sager. This project has been successfully completed and marks an important step in the construction of residential buildings.
The building is a perfect picture of the combination of modern aesthetics and practical functionality. With a total of 29 apartments organized in a smart way, the project offers a wide range of choices for potential residents. In this building, the 3 Penthouse apartments shine like the treasures of the building. With amazing panoramic views and unique design, these townhouses offer a rare residential living experience.
One of the main points of this project is the easy access to the street. The carefully chosen location for the construction of the complex provides quick and easy access to the main streets of the city, making it suitable for residents who want to live in an environment suitable for their daily life.
To improve usability and comfort, care has been taken for a parking solution that matches the number of apartments. Ample parking has been designed to provide parking space for all residences, providing a comfortable experience for residents and guests.
The collaboration between Giza Architecture and architect Otto Sager has brought a wonderful synergy of creative minds and deep experience in the field of architecture. The combination of the visions of these two entities has created a building that is an expression of modern lifestyle and aesthetic taste.
In conclusion, this residential building represents a major achievement for Giza Architecture and Otto Sager. With 29 apartments suitable for all needs and 3 Penthouse apartments that unfold luxury and amazing views, this project will leave a deep mark on the urban landscape of Iserlohn, Dortmund and will serve as an exemplary building in the future.