Project Description

Studio Giza Architecture, in collaboration with the renowned architect Xhemil Shehu from Lugano, Switzerland, with a special sensitivity for details and architectural harmony, has created a rare work on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Lugano. The project called “Manno Apartments” is a irreplaceable residential complex located with taste and passion in the center of Manos.
This modern-style residential complex, divided into two structured blocks, offers a rare living experience for its residents. With four attractive duplex apartments in each of them, “Manno Apartments” gives the feeling of a luxurious and pleasant living to those who choose to stay here.
The quality of construction and design is undeniable. From the materials used in construction to the interior details of each apartment, every detail has been carefully considered. The buildings rise to a considerable height, offering amazing views of the city of Lugano and the splendor of the lake. Wide terraces provide a private space to enjoy these stunning views, while large windows provide ample natural light for any setting.
One of the features of the project is the park dedicated to children. This park is designed to be a place of fun and creativity for the children of the residents of the complex. Surrounded by greenery and various trees, this space offers the opportunity for various games and first lessons for children.
Studio Giza Architecture and architect Xhemil Shehu have stretched the boundaries of creativity and design to create an extraordinary place to live. “Manno Apartments” is a proof of the ability to build not only physical structures, but also the environments and the emotions they bring with them.