Project Description

The construction project of the mountain villa “Villa MOOD” presents an architectural work that harmoniously combines natural elements with modern design, making it an authentic part of the mountain landscape. The villa is built using natural materials mainly stone and wood, giving it a sense of maturity and integration with the environment.
The unique features of the “Villa MOOD” project are the use of stone and wood as the basis of construction. The exterior walls of the house are made of carefully selected stones, creating an organic and authentic feeling. This makes the villa become a natural part of the mountainous region. Accordingly, the use of wood in the house structure and architectural elements adds a sense of warmth and traditionalism, connecting the modern experience with the heritage of the area.
The roof of the villa is a work of architectural art, as it is covered with corrugated iron. This special element not only provides protection from the elements, but also integrates into the view of the Berisha Mountains surrounding the property. On sunny days, this sheet metal allows the sun to translate into a play of lights on its surface, bringing a magical and different feeling at any time of the day.
The large windows located in the front part of the house constitute one of the greatest values of “Villa MOOD”. They offer amazing views of the mountain nature and the surrounding mountains, creating a close connection between the indoor environment and the outdoor landscape. This optimally utilized natural light induces a sense of calm and relaxation, making “Villa MOOD” an ideal destination to spend precious time away from the noise of the city.
“Villa MOOD” is more than a construction project – it is an architectural perfection built on the concept of harmony between man and nature.