Project Description:

We are pleased to share with you the success of a special project that we have fulfilled with dedication and passion. Our project titled “Villa Sharri” is an example of perfect harmony between architecture and nature, creating an oasis of calm and comfort in the heart of the amazing nature of Kosovo.
The holiday villa is located in the special mountains of Sharri, carefully using the natural environment to integrate the villa with the rare landscape. With unique features, this project stands out for its use of authentic, circumstantial and traditional materials, conveying a sense of local roots and identity.
One of the main features of this villa is the use of significant stone to create stable foundations for the garages. This element, used with taste and skill, not only provides structural stability, but also brings an authentic and tradition-bound feeling.
The first floor of the villa is an example of our dedication to natural materials. The use of wood in interior decoration creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This contrast between stone and wood helps to build a special aesthetic that combines tradition with modernity.
The villa’s windows and terraces have been carefully designed to provide a spectacular 180-degree view of the Sharri Mountains. This point of view confirms the main goal of the project, which is to offer rest and relaxation to the residents. The use of natural light and the connection to the landscape made the space feel open and fruitful, bringing a sense of harmony with nature.