Zyrich haircut

Project Description

With a clear vision for minimalism and elegance, we have created an extraordinary interior project in the city of Zürich. This center serves both men and women, committed to creating a sophisticated environment, where the aesthetics of clean materials and calm colors are at the center of attention.
Our project has been a clear expression of the intention to incorporate minimalism and modernity into the center’s interior design. Cream color is used as the base color, creating a warm and soft atmosphere. The flat white ceiling matches this color palette, adding to the feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.
An essential element of this project is the choice of high-quality materials for the work spaces. We have chosen to use porcelain for the product sales area, the customer waiting area and the work area. This choice was made for more than just aesthetics – porcelain is a material that more easily copes with the usual loads of a hair salon, while at the same time it is very easy to maintain and clean.
Every detail has been carefully compiled to reflect a hair salon that recognizes the importance of sensitivity to its customers. The quality and relaxed feeling offered by the interior design combine to create an undeniable experience of freshness in the center of Zürich.
This is not just a hair salon, but a place created with passion and art, serving as a place to change the appearance and confidence of customers, in a great environment that encapsulates the beauty of clean materials and calm colors in a unforgettable harmony.