Exploring Architectural Excellence: Visiting the COBE Studio in Copenhagen

We were excited to embark on a journey of architectural discovery as we visited the renowned COBE studio in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.Architect Granit Bytyqi from Giza Architecture had the privilege of entering the realm of innovative design and seeing first-hand the magic unfolding at COBE. Located in a city known for its unique […]

Exploring the Creativity of Architect Nils Eric Nilsson 1928-

I would like to share with you the extraordinary experience I had during my recent visit to the house of the Swedish architect, Nils Eric Nilsson. His house is a testament to his architectural skills, it was built in 1968 and stands as an intact wonder in Alvesta, Sweden.Opening the door to the home was […]

A Return to the Time of Innovation: Visiting the First IKEA Store in Älmhult

Our visit to the first IKEA store in Älmhult was an exciting journey into a rich history of interior design. This iconic place has a deep connection with the innovation of the 60s, which they bring to life through various interior furniture. This experience not only made us get to know the roots of IKEA’s […]

Lucky’s Cakes

“Giza Architecture” and Patisserie “Lucky’s Cakes” in cooperation with other voluntary businesses, and the municipality of Drenas, yesterday in the square “Fehmi Lladrovci” in Drenas, have delighted more than 1000 children, giving gifts for the end of the year holidays. thus accompanying them with entertainment.Giza architecture wishes all the children a happy New Year and […]

Arkitekti Bytyçi propozon përmendoren

Arkitekti Bytyçi propozon përmendoren “Nëna epanjohur”, në kujtim të nënave që humbin jetën në lindje Kushdo që do ta vizitojë Klinikën Emergjente të QKUK-së ka mundësi që në hyrje të saj ta pres “Nëna e panjohur”. Është kjo një përmendore që paraqet lidhshmërin e pandashme mes nënës dhe fëmijës, por që ndërthur në vete fetusin si […]

How do I know history’ when you ruined it ?

I belong to a period that I find little to say about my decision, and for my country…They used to say that, near the Grand Hotel, there was a Mosque.. some said that ‘it wasn’t just a mosque, there were also elements of the Church there’…! “They built the mosque, even the Catholics, because there […]


Project Description The business/industrial building construction project with precast concrete facade construction is a major achievement in the field of construction engineering. This project has brought to life a new building with exceptional design and performance characteristics, where the building’s construction is simultaneously part of its exterior, using innovative precast concrete materials. One of the […]

Villa greece

Project Description Our Villa Greece project raised under the warm Mediterranean sun has taken full advantage of the amazing sea views. The use of the building’s large windows, which are mainly located in the direction of the calm pool and the roaring sea, has made every space take inspiration from the surrounding nature. This project […]


Project Description Title: Urban Park – Rebirth of Space in the Center of Pristina We are pleased to present to you our first project to build a new and modern park in the center of our beautiful capital. This project has been a long and dedicated journey, but today, with pride, we can announce that […]


Project description The “Mood Apartment” project brings a new freshness to the building and the feeling of indoor living in a touching space of 90m2 in the center of Pristina. This project has taken a journey of using style and atmosphere that goes beyond words, using colors and design elements that completely change the experience […]