Project description With deep satisfaction, we have completed the interior design project “Elegance C17”. This project presents an overview of the harmonization of classic style with modern elements, creating an extraordinary environment that reveals elegance and refinement. In the “Elegance C17” project, one of the main goals was to build an atmosphere that combined the […]

Zyrich haircut

Project Description With a clear vision for minimalism and elegance, we have created an extraordinary interior project in the city of Zürich. This center serves both men and women, committed to creating a sophisticated environment, where the aesthetics of clean materials and calm colors are at the center of attention. Our project has been a […]


Project Description The “Ylli GOLD” interior architectural project is a successful intervention in the design of the environment of a business space. The main goal was to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere using materials that represent nature and follow high quality standards. Materials Used during this project were chosen to use materials that give […]


Project Description Year: 2022 Location: Vuqak/Drenas Architect: GizaArchitecture Vuqaku Matrix viewpoint, is a conceptual project developed by Giza Architecture studio. As a project, the Matrix viewpoint is a project of special importance for the Vuqaku castle. The part in which will be intervened, is the highest point of communication with 3 castles: Vuqak Fortress, Vërbovc […]


Project Description: We are pleased to share with you the success of a special project that we have fulfilled with dedication and passion. Our project titled “Villa Sharri” is an example of perfect harmony between architecture and nature, creating an oasis of calm and comfort in the heart of the amazing nature of Kosovo. The […]


Project Description The construction project of the mountain villa “Villa MOOD” presents an architectural work that harmoniously combines natural elements with modern design, making it an authentic part of the mountain landscape. The villa is built using natural materials mainly stone and wood, giving it a sense of maturity and integration with the environment. The […]

Tina’s Jeverly

Project Description We proudly present our project to succeed, Tina’s Jewelry. This project created with passion to bring elegance and style to the world of decor and jewelry. Our main aim was to create a special environment, which reflects the beauty and value of the exhibited items. Colors are a part of our design identity. […]


Project Description With pride and diligence, we have completed our special project “THE CUBE”, a true example of minimalism used in architecture. This project aims to express the concept of minimalism through the construction of an idea house, which is essentially a manifestation of simplicity and the use of minimal materials. The created house is […]

The blood line

Project Description The memorial “the blood line” is a conceptual project developed by the studio Giza Architecture The blood line, as a project, is divided into 3 phases of the journey, which simultaneously represents the 3 days of war in Prekaz (March 5, 6 and 7) The project is intentionally divided into 3 phases, with […]

Studio Linda

Project Description Location: Drenas/Kosovo Surface: 31m² Since the space is relatively small, about 30m² in total, we have tried to use the space as it should, through proper organization. The interior also as a basic element to be treated has the combination of two main textures: wood, and porcelain with large dimensions, which also has […]