Tina’s Jeverly

Project Description We proudly present our project to succeed, Tina’s Jewelry. This project created with passion to bring elegance and style to the world of decor and jewelry. Our main aim was to create a special environment, which reflects the beauty and value of the exhibited items. Colors are a part of our design identity. […]


Project Description With pride and diligence, we have completed our special project “THE CUBE”, a true example of minimalism used in architecture. This project aims to express the concept of minimalism through the construction of an idea house, which is essentially a manifestation of simplicity and the use of minimal materials. The created house is […]

The blood line

Project Description The memorial “the blood line” is a conceptual project developed by the studio Giza Architecture The blood line, as a project, is divided into 3 phases of the journey, which simultaneously represents the 3 days of war in Prekaz (March 5, 6 and 7) The project is intentionally divided into 3 phases, with […]

Studio Linda

Project Description Location: Drenas/Kosovo Surface: 31m² Since the space is relatively small, about 30m² in total, we have tried to use the space as it should, through proper organization. The interior also as a basic element to be treated has the combination of two main textures: wood, and porcelain with large dimensions, which also has […]


Project Description The ORNA HOUSE house project is a unique architectural creation that has been successfully completed in Giza. This project is characterized by the elegance and brightness of a pure white color, unfolding a perfect harmony with the environment where it is built. The house is located on a plot with a sufficient area, […]


Project Description Studio Giza Architecture, in collaboration with the renowned architect Xhemil Shehu from Lugano, Switzerland, with a special sensitivity for details and architectural harmony, has created a rare work on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Lugano. The project called “Manno Apartments” is a irreplaceable residential complex located with taste and passion in […]

Kampstraße 113

Project Description We are proud to present our latest residential construction project in Iserlohn, Dortmund, a joint project of Giza Architecture studio and German architect Otto Sager. This project has been successfully completed and marks an important step in the construction of residential buildings. The building is a perfect picture of the combination of modern […]


800m² We proudly present our construction project, “JETA HOME”, a modern business building built with an area of nearly 1500m². This project, which has already been successfully completed, represents a work of architecture and innovation. In an excellent environment of nearly 1500m², intended for business use, we enable a multiple and functional use of the […]


gasonier The project titled “Garage House” is a unique and innovative creation that aims to provide an exceptional living experience for short-term stays. This residence, known as the “gasonier”, is a perfect union of advanced design and carefully selected functionality. The project has raised a new standard in terms of comfort and design with the […]


Year 2021 Location: Undefined Architect: Giza Architecture m2 – 163 Conceptual S, represents a holiday villa in worries, mainly concentrated in the view from the sea. The architectural design is created in such a way that the stay in the villa has the primary view of the sea. The part away from the shore, in […]